Maverix 6KG 2009 International Tournament

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What a Tournament for 2009!

The 2009 Maverix 6kg International Fishing tournament went off without a hitch.

The contestants from all over New Zealand were greeted with calm seas and fine weather, with goal of winning the coveted Maverix Trophies. The challenge to weigh the largest Snapper or Kingfish on 6 kilo monofilament line supplied by Momoi and Gourocks

The two day event challenged all the anglers skills, not only did they have to decide their fishing grounds but also return on time to the weigh station at the Gulf Harbour Yacht Club. Not such an easy task when youre fishing 50 miles away.

After weighing the fish on the first day the anglers were lavished with a five star meal provided at the club house. The prize giving saw local charter operator Bruce Longmore claim the heaviest kingfish 13.900kg and Craig Worden claim the Snapper at 7.840kg.

After the function on Friday night anglers headed out in the darkness and secretly planned their next move hoping to have a better day second day.

As it happened the weather held and the anglers were able to choose the destination that offered the most promise, as always some anglers fared better than others. Team RnR from Mangawhai and Team Mako from Whangaparaoa hit the pay dirt of Gt Barrier whilst most others were struggling to perform. Although there were more sizeable snapper and kingfish landed neither Wayne Radford's 8.450kg Snapper or Zac Smiths 15.066kg Kingfish could be beaten. Both took out the respective categories. As the overall winners of the Snapper and kingfish Sections.

The prizes sponsored by NSK, Suzuki, Brother, The Bait Station, Maverix Rods and The Serious Fishing Company  The Suzuki outboards were a real hit, these great outboards have changed boating for the better with their economy and weight, thanks Suzuki.

The Overall Individual Average Snapper catch winner Jason Ward and his wife Michelle of Manly winged their way to Beautiful Vanuatu for 5 days, flying Air Vanuatu and staying at the Luxurious Moorings Hotel. Taking in the sights, swimming shopping and dining this awesome package is the jewell of the event

This Magnificent prize is the icing on the top for any of the anglers after such a challenging event.

As this was the 10th Tournament, there was quite a party atmosphere the weather was good providing all who competed with every chance of success. As usual it is always amazing to see the high quality of fish landed, particularly on light tackle line.

This event just gets better every year it truly is the Olympic games of Sport fishing in NZ.

Organizers Rex & Lynette Smith form Maverix Rods extremely pleased with the turn out and Sportsmanship shown. This is not an easy event as it requires a good planning and skills plus a little luck.

If youre up to the challenge and over 16 years of age and like a challenge,then 2010 could be your year.

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Tournament Feedback - 2009

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What an awesme show I was really impressed with how welcome we were made to feel,although we did not catch any major fish and did not know anyone competing when we arrived we all had great fun. Now  we have made new friends, Thanks Team Maverix   Roger

17/04/2009  Team "RnR"
Rex & Lynette, Great comp, even the years we haven't managed to win a prize. But this year was a buzz doing so well.
The organisation is just so fantastic great job. The food bags are really great, no cooking or cleaning up to do. Big thanks to all the sponsors.
I will be emailing them an drecomend them to our clients. Many thanks Stephanie Railey

17/04/2009  A P
The bestcomp I have ever been to, info,Sponsor and your organisation put this into true international league. Keep it going because no one can match it ! Thanks

17/04/2009  John K
You just got to support these Sponsors, get in behind this event.

17/04/2009 Team "Ocean Blue"
The best fishing comp we have been to!  Thanks.

17/04/2009  Vince Anderson
An Aesome fishing contest, alreday looking forward to next year.. Cheers.

17/04/2009  Shaun & Dave Team "Yeah Right"
Best Fishing comp, above all others, head and shoulder, thanks a heap.

17/04/2009  Team "Mexican Blackbird"
Another well run tournament, we'll be back. Thanks heaps.

17/04/2009  Team "Mullet Men"
First timers, a very well run comp and sponsors. Also will be back next year, thanks.

17/04/2009  Team "Chipmunks"
Great Comp. Pleased to be a sponsor no eall fish but what the heck we will be back.

17/04/2009  Team "Sprey"
Just doesn't get any better, Keep it up.. Jock

17/04/2009  Team "Red Herring"
Enjoyed having the warmer weather and having daylight saving. A better time to have the tournament thanks.

17/04/2009 "Team Metro"
Another great comp.
Many thanks.

17/04/2009  "Team Shaker"
Great weekend, we''ll be back.

17/04/2009  Steve Shaw
Another awesome competition, Thanks Lynette & Rex

17/04/2009  Noel Edwards
Rex & Lynette, you have a very special tournament here keep it up, excellent as always.

17/04/2009 Team NZ Fishng News
Good anglers, good company,good organisation.Thanks Mark Kitteridge,Grant Dixon.

17/04/2009  Team "Abstraxt"
Too many Sharks!  But had a good time,Thanks John & and Wayne.

17/04/2009  Team "Jag"
great tournament again, thanks for all your hard work.and another great weekend,Sandy A

17/04/2009  Team "Assasin"
My team needs to try harder!

17/04/2009  Team "Mooloo Attack"
The best two days weve had for along time. Bettr than milking cows!Thanks Jordan & Cameron Berry.

17/04/2009 Team "Big Fish"
Great Comp, hard work and definately need more sleep.

17/04/2009  Team "Seniorita"
Another Great effort thanks! Jim & Larry Dean

17/04/2009  Team "Insalt"
To The MAverix Team, Best tournament by far i have ever entered, will definately be back. Thanks

17/04/2009  Team "Illusion"
To the Team Maverix & Sponsorsa great tourny well run.Cheers Bruce Longmore.

17/04/2009  Team "RnR"
The Maverix team Rex & Lynette & Team members. The Contest, absolutely love it, will be back next year, can't wait! Thanks a lot Wayne Radford.

17/04/2009  Team "RnR"
Rex & Lynette, Great comp, even the years we haven't managed to win a prize. But this year was a buzz doing so well.
The organisation is just so fantastic great job. The food bags are really great, no cooking or cleaning up to do. Big thanks to all the sponsors.
I will be emailing them and recomend them to our clients.  Many thanks Stephanie Railey

Maverix 2009 Tournament Winners

Wayne Radford’s (Snapper)

Zac Smiths (Kingfish)

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