Maverix 6KG 2005 International Tournament

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What a Tournament for 2005!

Major changes to the venue of the Maverix 6 kilo Tournament this year meant that it was moved to the premier location of The Gulf Harbour Yacht Club.

The Maverix 6kg World Challenge Tournament had a name change to the Maverix 6kg International Fishing Tournament it was felt that this would better describe the event to the general public.

This year presented the anglers with new challenges, not only did they have to return on time to the new venue, slightly further away from their preferred fishing destinations but the vessels would have to be moored on their respective berths in plenty of time to get fish to the weigh queue, this all went off without a hitch.

Teams competed for all the catorgoires of special interest was the Teams places as each angler weighs their best fish, every kilo helps to promote their teams placing as well as boosting the individual placing of the each angler. As this a major part of the prize pool anglers are keen to make sure the points are allocated correctly.

With so many great prizes up for contention everyone is out to make the best of their time on the water.

The New Venue certainly provided a spark of enthusiasm as boats where easily berthed at the prestiguos Gulf Harbour marina, this meant that crews were able to get ashore with dry feet and get showered up for the evenings festivities etc

Also a greater public viewing of the event has helped to increase the exposure.

With an increase in international competitors this has  given the event more flavour especially when they come from across the ditch ( Australia)

Pat Langevad and Bruce Hubrich

April is a great time fish for kingfish and snapper. The anglers were primed and ready to do the business. This prestigious event is the pride of local Fishing rod manufacturing company Maverix Rods ltd. Suppliers of high end graphite rods. The aim of this tournament is to compete on a fair and even basis all competitors compete with the same brand and rated 6kilo Mo-moi line.

Line, meals and tournament clothing are provided.

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Tournament Feedback - 2005

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29/04/2005- Patrick Langevad
Thankyou to you and your sponsors for a great weekend.
Over the past 25 years I have competed in many competitions ithrougout New Zealand and the Maverix 6kg World Challenge would have to be the best run and well organised competition I think I have ever attended.
The Sponsors of this tournament definately got their moneys worth. Sponsors were displayed all around the venue and were mentioned on numerous occassions thropughout the event. Not only were the companies names mentioned but the products and or services provided by those sponsors. Also the video showing sponsors details, products and services gave those companies great exposure.

Having worked in the fishing industry for almost 20 years, in retail,wholesale and advertising. I believe I have a reasonable knowledge of what is necessary to make a competition like this one work.
Great Team and good sponsors is the key,. Well done Guys.

07/05/2005- Photo Focus- Bruce Hubrich
A both a minor sponsor and competitor in this years Maverix 6kg Tournament. I would like to congratulate you.
Your awareness of the sponsors and promotion of them at the event, deserves a special mention.
Although the weather wasn't very kind, Pat and I enjoyed ourselves and have every intention of entering again next year.
I intend to continue to support this event.

23/04/2005- Team Aspen
Cheers,Great time, small fish but big stories well  be back.
Thanks for awesome Tournament, Great atmosphere & Spirit

Awesome effort as always guys. Thanks very Much !

23/04/2005  Dave Collins
Good fun--Pity about the lack of fish for us, we'll be back Cheers.

23/04/2005 Glen Sycamore
Great learning experience & really well event.

23/04/2005  Lester Smith "Team Quantum"
Fantastic organisation, will be back.

23/04/2005  R Stewart " Team Thunderstruck"
Neat people and atmosphere will be back for 3rd time.

23/04/2005  Mark Bridger
Great fun & Comaraderie.

Maverix 2005 Tournament Winners
Grant Rennell (Snapper) 10.370kg
Pat Langevad (Kingfish) 13.550kg

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