Maverix Products



Maverix Rods are designed and constructed to a strict high performance philosophy. An all graphite blank specifically designed and built to achieve the Maverix Hybrid action. At the same time it is both robust and superbly lightweight. Utilising the full length of the rod immediately load is applied, remarkable lifting power is achieved whilst also increasing sensitivity.

All our reel seats are solid poured ensuring the seats stay bonded to the blank( there is nothing than playing a fish and your reel comes lose) this will not happen with a Maverix Rod.

Maverix Rods feature a responsive tip that does not fold away and an enhanced power butt and fore butt section that will hold up under all conditions. The combined effect of the action is to retrieve astounding quantities of line with the minimum of effort from the angler. So much so that it may require fitting of faster retrieve reels in some cases or major reductions in the lift angle applied.

Typically full rod action and optimum line recovery can be achieved with a Maverix Rod with a stroke of just 30 degrees! At the same time the inclusive rod action is extremely forgiving of angler error during drop down.



The innovative Maverix Rods Torque Groove grip achieves a dramatic 50%+ reduction in your effort to control rod twist and simultaneously delivers increased sensitivity. This is achieved by engineering the perfect fit of the grip to your hand delivering increased feel, total comfort and reduction of hand, arm and shoulder fatigue.

These EVA Grips are custom made in New Zealand using our unique grip forming machine. All the grips are bored to match the blank before securing to the blank.

Further benefits result from overall ultra light weight and designed weight distribution achieving perfect balance.

Increased winding power is also derived by using a shorter butt to reel seat distance placing the reel closer to your body creating the body triangle ensuring maximum comfort and elimination of stretching or unnatural hand to body positioning. By using your fishing rod correctly you will be able to feel your catch better and have more control with the risk of point loading. Some times this just has to be experienced to be believed.

  Ultra Sport Series 
Industrial Hard Chrome these guides feature a Industrial Hard Chrome finish over a stainless steel frame. Experience over many years of hard saltwater fishing has proven these guides to bevalue for  investment and the most overall durable 'friction' guides available. Not recomended for braided line.
High Roller Series Aftco Lightweight Rollers
Set new standards in absolute guide performance for rods designed for 2 - 30 lb test mono and up to 50lb braid lines. Lighter than conventional guides yet up to twice as tough. A rugged graphite composite frame, titanium roller and guard make these guides almost unbreakable. Ultra light weight and flexible single foot design does not inhibit rod action in any way.

Lightweight Roller guides cast at least as well as conventional guides while offering the ultimate in the line-wear protection of a roller and except for fresh water washing are extremely low in maintenance requirement. By using a graphite pin the is no need to lubricate the rollers just periodicly check that they free running.


Every Maverix Rod is built using the same perfection based processes. All guides are fully under bound with a High Tensile Metallic thread which is in turn fully resined. Then the guide is fitted and a single initial over bind completed before further saturation resin coat applied.
The second and final binding is then placed over the top of the first binding and further coats of resin applied for increased strength and protection.

We call this the Maverix Saturation Resin Binding. Yes it takes a little longer to achieve but we believe it is absolutely essential in order to guarantee optimum life of guide placements. But it doesn't stop there. We use two different resins at different stages to ensure appropriate properties are applied as required. Both resins are advanced formulas with exceptionally high residual flexibility ratings. If you ever have to have a guide replaced the repairer will appreciate just how well these guides are fitted. Of course this means we can guarantee you will never be let down with a binding failure under any circumstances.

Products Chart

Guide System
Reel Seat
3 - 6 kg (6 - 12 lb)     
Ultra Sport 6

High Roller 6
9 Hard Chrome On Stainless Steel & Hardloy Tip.

8 Aftco Light Weight graphite & Titanium rollers.
20 mm Graphite - Gold Deluxe Trim. 

20 mm Graphite - Gold Deluxe Trim.
~260 gms

~260 gms
6 - 8 kg (12 - 16 lb)     
Ultra Sport 8

Ultra Sport 8TR

High Roller 8
9 Hard Chrome On Stainless Steel & Fuji Hardloy Tip. 

9 Hard Chrome On Stainless Steel & Fuji Hardloy Tip. 

9 Aftco Light Weight graphite & Titanium rollers.
20 mm Graphite - Gold Deluxe Trim.

18 mm Trigger Graphite - Gold Deluxe Trim. 

22 mm Graphite - Gold Deluxe Trim.
~265 gms

~265 gms

~260 gms
8 - 12 kg (16 - 24 lb)     
Ultra Sport 10

High Roller 10
9 Hard Chrome On Stainless Steel & Fuji Hardloy Tip. 

10 Aftco Light Weight graphite & Titanium rollers.
22 mm Graphite Std - Gold Deluxe Trim.

No trigger on Ultra Spin
~365 gms

~365 gms
15 kg (30 lb)     
High Roller 15 10 Aftco Light Weight graphite & Titanium rollers. Forged Alloy Split Butt -integrates rear grip, gimbal and 25mm seat.
~560 gms
Common Specifications
  Blank Type Carbon Fibre - Maverix Custom Ultra Pro Series
  Length 2130mm/~7'
  Action Unique Maverix Ultra Pro Medium Fast parabolic Hybrid. Features an enhanced stiffness reserve power butt section
  Finish Light transition Special Effect, Color - Fathom (Green thru' to Purple) High strength, UV protected, crystal clear & plasticised high durability protective finish system.
  Binding Under wrapped, double over bound, resin saturated binding system, Single overbound on 6 series
  Gimbal Ultra light graphite & nylon composite gimbal,
  Rear grip EVA 35 D x 210 mm L, tapered to suit gimbal/cap combo.
  Foregrip Maverix Torque Groove Grip System, Unique Ergonomic Profile, Hi Resilience & wear resistant closed cell EVA, 310 mm long. Grip size Medium on 6 & 8 series, Large on 10 & 15 series
  Extras Std - Gimbal cap, Warranty Cert., Care and Use Instructions. Optional - Full Nylon Heavy Duty zippered rod carry bag complete with handle & Maverix Logo