Maverix 6KG 2012 International Tournament

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This Tournament is on hold until further notice

Tournament postponed

It is with deep regret that the Maverix 6kg International Tournament has had to placed  on hold until a suitable sponsor is found.
2012 would have been the 12th Annual Maverix 6kg International Fishing Tournament. With the new breakwater in place at Gulf harbour, launching and retrieving of vessels is so easy it is a shame it has taken so long for this to happen as we are sure this would have changed the current outcome.

Knowing that youre competing is one thing, but knowing that your fellow competitors are facing the same challenges as yourself is quite a buzz. Upon arrival at the venue your reels will be spooled with 6kg Momoi Hi Catch Line, this high end line has proved to a formidable component in this event, sure it offers some challengers but the results are worth it. You will be looked after from the start to the end with your meals supplied at night and lunches by the day. This event is like no other with the camaraderie shared amongst competitors. Boats of all sizes compete with teams ranging from 2 to 7 members. 

With prizes on offer for both individual and teams the pressure is on to catch. It is simple, weigh your best fish for each day, One Snapper and One Kingfish each angler and let the points do the rest. Two Cash Jackpots that are running Snapper & Kingfish and the competition heats up. Anglers are encouraged to enter these, as who knows who will win. Sponsors products and the nights entertainment provides a great atmosphere to sit back and relax. Mix and mingle with the big names in sport fishing. And plan the next days fishing. This is the last big event before winter sets in, after an amazing summer of fishing in the Hauraki Gulf this is great way to finish the season on a high. Fishing as far away as the Mokohinau Islands, Great Barrier, Coromandel, and Cuvier the choice is yours to make taking into consideration the weather and the time you have to fish. Many of the winning fish in past years have come from local fishing grounds closer to the inshore islands of Kawau, Tiritiri Matangi, Little barrier, Channel Island. The fishing options are boundless with 2010's winning Kingfish caught a mere 4 miles from Gulf Harbour . 

With no boundaries it is important that the teams plan their fishing days wisely as they must be back at the weigh station on time to sign in before the cut off time. The event is open to all sport minded persons over the age of 16 years; entries must be submitted for each angler with payment. Upon receipt of these, each anglers application will be processed and the angler will be notified when accepted. This challenging event is truly special, as the friendship respect and spirit of the anglers is recognized, you do not need to own a Maverix Rod but if you choose to your chances may be better.


For more information call Lynette on 09 424 0588 or email:  [email protected]

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30/06/2010 -Mark Kitteridge Team" NZ Fishng News"

Just wanted to say that each year I am reminded that the Maverix International  6kg Tournament is consistantly in the top two or three contests available in the contest calendar.
It's superbly run, has wonderful venue,a bunch of very friendly yet competent anglers fish it, the atmosphere is always friendly and really tasty food is served. Better still, there are plenty of Big fish to catch in the area, the playing field is level as all contestants use the same line. and there are an abundunce of prizes to be won.

The sponsors should be very happy. I have never seen organisers go to so much trouble to ensure the various businesses get plenty of exposure; by contest's end we are all very aware of the companies involved and the products they sell, and are urged to support them as well as they have done for us.
I can't recommend this contest enough, and it deserves the greatest success.

I have heard this is the best Sport tournament for Snapper and Kingfish, Brain J

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