Maverix 6KG 2002 International Tournament

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What a Tournament for 2002!

With Pah Farm Kawau Island now firmly in the sights of most anglers as a destination to fish from it is only natural to expect the 2002 Maverix international fishing tournament to based from here.

The old rustic style of the venue with its charm and marina facility gives the event a real fishy feel.

The Anglers started arriving early Thursday afternoon catching live baits and preparing for the game ahead. With The briefing out of the way and the national anthem proudly heralded from the venue all were primed for the challenge. Slipping away in the darkness most of the teams chanced there arm for the early morning shot on the big snapper leaving the Kingfish challenge for the latter part of the day fishing.

This year was the year of the Kingfish with several teams excelling in their catches back defending their title was team Karian landing a host of good size Kingfish With Vincent Fong having the best luck in the Tournament snatching the title as the overall Kingfish winner for 2002.

Team Karian also clinched the Kingfish jackpot for the second year running.

Whilst Graeme Gower on the other hand had a cunning plan all of his own, fishing from a small vessel he managed to catch a superb 11.595kilo Snapper wiping out his competition he claimed the overall heaviest Snapper.

Bill Bathurst (Alias: one Fish) managed a smaller kingfish claiming a place but not rivaling his previous record of 23kilos.

Wayne Campbell and Dennis Williams of Team Willy Away cleaned up in the snapper jackpot pocketing a tidy $2000.

All the Anglers enjoyed the spirit of the Tournament with superb catering and friendship of fellow minded anglers. Vowing to return for the 2003 event.

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Tournament Feedback - 2002

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27/04/2002- Team "Karian"

Thanks Agian from Tony, Vince, Moi & Lane
The competition is truly evolving into an event to look forward to. It's great atmosphere and that comment was certainly made by a few, with Mark K stating it's his most event. We appreciate the work that is involved by your self with the support of your wife and other. You will be pleased toknow, we will be going for 30kg next year, so we are out to practice soon. As we expect the competition will be fiecer next year for sure.
Many Thanks.

27/04/2002 - Team Big Fish
An Intriguing day had by the A Team lead by Graeme Gower, Good one Grame from your mates Terry & Tony. Can't wait to defend the largest snapper Trophy 2003.

27/04/2002 - Team Sea Ox
Had a great time again, great tournament, See Ya next Year Alan & Allan

27/04/2002 - Team Stingray
Hard fishing as usual for this area, Na ! Had a great time again  Thanks for the opportunity and the experience Ray, Graham, Eric, Wayne

27/04/2002 - Team O 2 Fish
Great time, awesome Torny, the best one there is. We''ll be back next year for sure and would like to thank you and wifey for all you have done it is excellent Thanks  Mark & Craig Bridger

27/04/2002 - Team SMF
Great Tournament, well organised good spirit, big fish, good prizes.
Look forward to every Year.
Tyhanks Noel E

27/04/2002 - Team Ohaupo Hopefulls
Thanks Maverix Team. We had a great time you were well organised.All the best for the future.  Andrew Cook, Brian Clements, Doug Whitten

27/04/2002 - Team Grim Reaper
Excellent Competition, Thanks Team Maverix.

27/04/2002 - Team Willy Away
Absolutely awsome Tournament many thanks to Sponsors & Organisers.
Also awsome to collect some prizes, Thanks to NSK, Cheers  Dennis Williams

27/04/2002 - Vincent Fong
We done it before, but can't do it again.
Great time Vincent

27/04/2002 - Steve C
Great Tournament Again.
Great food, great fish, great weather, and guess who had a great time.

27/04/2002 - Team Sea Ox
Had a great time again, great tournament, See Y anext Year Alan & Allan

Maverix 2002 Tournament Winners
Vincent Fong (Kingfish) 17.500kg
Graeme Gower (Snapper) 11.595kg

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