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About Maverix Rods

It must be every fishermans dream to be fishing rod manufacturer. Well thats what some think.. Maverix rods was the brain child of of two Kiwi brothers who had a passion for boating and fishing both in New Zealand and the Pacific region.
Already actively involved in the Charter fishing industry in New Zealand the boys were looking for a quality product to place in the hands of anglers. Having a preference for light full action fishing rods the choice of carbon over glass was an easy one for the boys.

So began the quest to compile the perfect fishng rod, the quest for perfection was not an easy one as every person has a different view on what the required elements should be. The  decisions had to be made if progress was to happen, with a different philosophy than some.  The rods had to be light with plenty of sensitivity, they must have  grips that fit the hands of most New Zealander's. The reel seats must be securely mounted with reliable guides etc.

After many months of trials a prototypes a standard was set using New Zealand made products as much as possible, this was a major criteria and still is today as New Zealnd boast's some of the best blank builders in the world. The team came up with a design of foregrip that was quite unique Torque Groove Grip evolved after months of trials and has proved to be a winner.

After 12 years maverix Rods have become synonomus with high performance and quality in the Saltwater angling community.

Soon it became evident that the skills of light tackle angling neededto be shown off and what better way to do this,than in a Tournament enviroment. So the birth of the Maverix 6kilo World Challenge was made. Based At the Kawau Island initially this event proved to be success and was a popular event for the Island but just as it was getting traction at Kawau Island the venue was sold and it was time move on. The new home of Gulf Harbour Marina and a new name Maverix International Fishng Tournament has proved  to be a positive step this great facility is now called home to the Tournament, with an excellent Marina to operate from the event has blossomed.
The team at maverix is proud to be supporting New Zealand made product and services.

Directors Rex & Lynette Smith are actively involved in the day to day running of the business, with some of theTournament and proceeds from sales ends up helping to fund charitable work in a village in Fiji.

A little story from yester year.

Long before the dream of manufacturing fishing rods, fishing was in the blood. in 1946, the price of shark oil rose to 1 shilling a pound. Kelvin Smith, our grandfather, saw opportunity. Shark liver is about 95% oil. So in the summer holidays he took the family to Sandspit, camped and fished for sharks. Rowing a couple of heavy 16 ft skiffs he and Dad would drag a bait along the bottom in Kawau Bay until they found a school of sharks. Once located, hand lining with clothesline rope, 6 in long hooks and 4 ft chain traces could put 40 or more sharks in the boat for the day. Carcasses were dressed and sold for 4 pence a pound.

Sanfords would only accept 80 carcasses at a time and then only on Tuesday and Thursday.
Dried fins were sold for 2√≠6/lb. to Chinese buyers who exported them to China. Later, the decision to go full time shark fishing was made and a 19 ft vessel was built, fitted with a Rugby engine an christened √« Kewpie√≠. A 38 footer, √« Takapu√≠ was purchased and the school sharks of Kawau Bay came in for some serious fishing. In the 6 month period over summer up to 8,000 sharks were taken each season.

Eventually the immense waste of flesh and poor financial rewards meant the fishery was abandoned. The boats however were not and Kewpie remained in the family until 1964. A succession of other boats, fishing ventures, holidays at Kawau and Great Barrier ingrained saltwater into both our lives.
Paul has fished coastal and deep sea in NZ and on tuna purseiners in the Western Pacific. Rex has fished coastal NZ and spent 3 seasons on game boats out of Cairns

- Paul & Rex Smith - Maverix

Rex and Lynette Smith