Maverix 6KG 2004 International Tournament

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What a Tournament for 2004!

After last years showing competitors rocked up to Pah Farm with one objective in mind, to get their hands on the elusive Maverix trophies. With everyone in good spirits the national anthem sounded out over Bon Accord Harbour setting the scene.

With 120 entrants there was never going to be any room for a mistake. All eyes were on the kingfish section as per the previous years of domination by team Karian.

Once again the weather was reasonable as the teams departed for the secret spots. Whilst many would venture far and wide to the Hen & Chickens islands, Gt Barrier, Mokohinaus. Some teams like Team Saracen took the cunning plan option of staying close to base preferring to fish grounds where they new kingfish were frequenting.

This meant that we would have a challenge on our hands .

Some of the older hands like Jock Mac Kenzie who is cunning as a fox took the stealth option, slipping away in Sprey his trusty steed to the coast of Gt Barrier. Fishing in the weed with big baits and a strong burley trail.

This two teams both had a vision and new exactly what they wanted.

Whilst the other teams headed all over the region checking out all the other respective hot spots.

Troy Fell, Darren Werner, Graeme Frost ( Frosty) concentrated on Kingfish live baits were the order of the day producing fish 13.65kilos, 17.60kilos, and a stunning 21.15kilos by eventual winner Graeme Frost.

The overall average Kingfish went to Wayne Campbell, Team Stella 15.75kilos

Jock Mac Kenzie, waisted no time on day one he made his statement delivering a 12.890kilo Snapper a new tournament record , whilst his nearest competitor Andre Vos weighed a very nice 10.365kilo fish

Team Sprey just cleaned out nearest rival Team Makaira with average weight of snapper 14.113kilos whilst Makaira's total was 11.512kilos.

With so many good snapper and kingfish weighed the atmosphere was electric with praise going to all the winning anglers. The catering at the Tournament has only got better with time with caterers pulling out the stops to make this a success.

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Tournament Feedback - 2004

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Team "Sprey"
The three of us who represented the Clevedon Pub Fishng club, fishing off the boat "Sprey" in the 2004 Maverix 6kg tournament based at Kawau island, would like tothank you for your generous sponsorship of the tournament.

It is withoiut a doubt the finest light tackle tournament in New Zealand and we were extremely lucky to win. We are fully aware of the commitment and the cost to be involved in such a tournament and hope that your company gets the exposure and rewards that such a commitment deserves.

We shall certainly be using your product to and will be back next year to defend the Cup.
Yours Sicerely Jim Powell, Blake Powell, Jock Mac Kenzie.
27/04/2004 - Barry M

Enjoyed it to the Max, Ill come again next year if allowed Team Absolute

27/04/2004 - Bill Bathurst  ( One Fish)
Top effort as always see you next year, Billy boy.

27/04/2004 -Team Fishing News
Heroes to Zeroes from one year to the next.
Thanks for a great comp anyway.

27/04/2004 - Team Megabite
Great time again, good to see a lot of new blood (means you ae doing it right)  Thanks for a great time.

27/04/2004 - Eric Morgan
Another fantastic weekend, great weather, great people and a fun time. Thanks a Bunch Eric.

27/04/2004 - Team Stella
Enjoyed it again, 2nd day lost our anchor, otherwise we would have done better.

27/04/2004 - Team Manukau Marine
Suggest extra prize for Sharks, we might win this one.
Great evnt and company, well organised and stress free.

27/04/2004 - Carl Melville
Great Time, No fish. See you next year !

27/04/2004 - Team Aquaholic
A good show, well done. First day lousy, but second found a big one. Good on Ya thanks.

27/04/2004 -Team  Reel Action
First time-Great event- not many fish. But who cares the worst day fishing is better than working.
Well run tourny- we will be back next year, Thanks.

27/04/2004 - Team Big Fish
Great Tournament, but hard fishing many thanks, well run.

27/04/2004 - Team Sea Ox
Once Again a top event. Looking forward to next year!! Allan The Ox

27/04/2004 - Denis Wallace
First time, great weekend, good company and food.

27/04/2004 - Cameron Berry
Well done another great event, weekend without measure, see you next year.

27/04/2004 - Mark Reinhardt
First time. Good weather, fish OK and learnt a lot and still a lot to learn. Great event, well done we wil be back next year.

27/04/2004 - Andrew Cook
Thanks guys another good year.
Andrew, Reg, Shaughan, Jordan, Doug

27/04/2004 - Grant A
Great two days, look forward to next year, Cheers Grant

27/04/2004 -Team  Mexican Blackbirds
We will be back with avengence !!

27/04/2004 - Brian & Pam Doig
First Time,great break.Woulod like to come back next year, well run competition. Thanks

27/04/2004 -Team Assasin
Good Comp, really enjoyed myself, Cheers Brett.

27/04/2004 - Team Aspen
Cheers, great time, small fish but big stories.

27/04/2004 -Watt Work
Great first time comp, see you next year.

Maverix 2004 Tournament Winners
Jock Mac Kenzie (Snapper) 12.950kg current record
Graeme Frost (Kingfish) 21.000kg

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