Maverix 6KG 2003 International Tournament

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What a Tournament for 2003!

With Great weather and high expectations competitors turned out the Pah Farm Kawau Island once again. The tournament now gaining more kudos on the fishing calendar the desire for anglers to get their name on the trophies is even greater.

For the 38 teams this years event was a bit of a challenge with very good fish caught but not too many (horses) so to speak of.

Although through previous events and all the chatter from the competitors the battle lines were drawn and the anglers all primed this was surely going to be a great event.

The first day was a bit slow in the fishing stakes but this all changed on the second day.

With good fish coming from all around the outer Hauraki Gulf the teams and individual places were being fiercely fought over with the average snapper weight coming in at 3.9kilos this fish were all very solid fish with the competition wide open all eyes were on the last teams to weigh.

Grant Dixon from Team Fishing News With his Buddy Mark Kitteridge came in the final stages on the weigh and slam dunked the competition with a 10.24kilo fish, just nudging out Ian Doyles 10.22kilo fish Weigh master Dave was challenged to weigh the two winning fish again as there were so close to each either, but the first result was the correct one. Thank goodness for technology.

This year was certainly the year for Kingfish, local motorsport celebrity Bob Mc Murray weighed in a superb specimen as did Steven Ross and Team Purrla but Lane Roberts had his turn on team Saracen weighing in a superb 20.14kilo Kingfish. clinching the overall placing.

With national fishing celebrity,Bill Hohepa on hand to keep everyone honest, Mark Kitteridge, Grant Dixon & Mark Bridger took out the team snapper section claiming a serious amount of prizes.

Once again the spirit of the Tournament was outstanding as competitors made new friends and competed on an even playing field, proving there is need for this type of Tournament.

We will be back in 2004 with another exciting event

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Tournament Feedback - 2003

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27/06/2003 - Quentin Ross
Another good competition, see you next year.

27/06/2003 - Osama
Good food,no fish,but fun

27/06/2003 - Darren A
Excellent tournament, the hats need to be a little bigger.

27/06/2003 - Osama
Good food,no fish,but fun, P S:Missed the fish & chips this year.

27/06/2003 - Steven Ross
Great two days, loads of hook ups, shame about the great escapes.
Look out next year!
Thanks for the effortTeam Maverix!

27/06/2003 -Craig R
Good contest, good food, good people, need more women? See Ya next year.

27/06/2003 - Wayne
Great couple of days, fish didn't obligebut had a ball.

27/06/2003 - Lee Atkins
From a lady, definatelyworth doing. Shame I didn't beat the lot of you.

27/06/2003 - Aaron
A funneventgood start for my first contest.Hope to be here next year to catch the ones I put back to grow.

27/06/2003 - Jonno Buckley
Thanks for a great comp-Awesome organisation and great socialising

27/06/2003 - Ian Newell
Great comp!Won more on the pool table against your son thanonthe sea!  Had Fun! though.

27/06/2003 - Tony
Thanks Rex & Lynette, Fantastic effort as always awsome friendly tournament. Better get back next year and register something of note.

27/06/2003 - The Blackbirds
"Great Tournament" Thanks a lot  See ya Next Year.

27/06/2003 -Snapper Catches
Thanks Rex & Lynette, your awsome.
Great Tournament again, See you next year Blessings Tacklebox 11

27/06/2003 - Rob Pate
First Time for 6kg Tournament, I wish I had caught some fish.
Thanks for the lunches, dinners, I'll be back. Great Fun!

27/06/2003 - Liquid Thinking
Ok, Didn't win this year but.......... can't be greedy. Good time was had by all. Note caterer need smore gravy, till next year sea u later.

27/06/2003 - Axle
Third time around in different team and different results. Maybe I'll do my own boat and own thing next year. Cheers

27/06/2003 - Dale Radford
Enjoyed it heaps, and the event gets better every year.Great people and organisation, a lot of fun well done team Maverix.

27/06/2003 - Shane Swinehart
Awsome comp keep it coming. Thanks for the experience, cheers See you next year.

27/06/2003 - Tony
Thanks Rex & Lynette, Fantastic effort as always awsome friendly tournament. Better get back next year and register something of note.

27/06/2003 - Wayne RnR
Excellent comp, hope there is many more to come.

27/06/2003 - John & Wayne
Excellent comp., great grub, very good prizes. Thanks to all the Sponsors and the great crowd, (Lost the Plot)

27/06/2003 - Grant Allen
Lots of fun, thanks for  a great comp, look forward to the next one, great challenge

27/06/2003 - Keith H
Had a great time see you next year!

27/06/2003 - Team Fishing News
To Rex & Lynette, Thanks for a great tournament promoted & fished and fished in geat atmosphere, Mark Bridger, Grant Dixon, Mark Kitteridge

27/06/2003 - Team Dark & Dirty
Fantastic Tournament--Very wel organised terrific time.
Bob Mc Murray,Wayne Bridger,Ivan Selac, Eric Morgan

Maverix 2003 Tournament Winners
Grant Dixon (Snapper) 10.24kg
Lane Roberts (Kingfish) 20.14kg

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