Maverix Products

Why Maverix Rods

Maverix Rods are dedicated to bringing you the WORLD'S BEST saltwater boat rods in the 2kg to 37kg range.

A fishing rod like no other - you haven't experienced the total pleasure of fishing until you've tried a Maverix Rod. Light weight Graphite construction saltwater sport fishing rods designed in New Zealand for New Zealand Anglers. After years of on the water testing and design we really have come up with a range of light tackle boat fishing rods As well as 24kg and 37kg stand up and bent butt chair rods.
Best of all, Maverix Rods are totally committed to only having totally satisfied users any where they may be in the world.

24 kg Stuart Butt Comanche Guide HR6

Alex Marcinowicx (Swampy or The Legend) uses an Ultra Sport 10 for as his preferred choice of rod. Winner 2002 Furuno Kingfish Section 30.5kg

"I have had a lot of fun testing out the rods. Boy, have they got some GRUNT! I had to slow down my lift or speed up my retrieve (can't remember which). Anyway they have a power of lift and are great for casting.!"
(Alex Marcinowicx, West Harbour)

If you're serious about having the best possible fishing experience then only a Maverix Rod will do. We know that once you have fished with one, you will not be satisfied with anything less.


It couldn't be easier. . . . only 3 Steps to find out.

  • Choose your line class:
    3-6 kg - (6-12 lb.) line class choose the 6 series rods 6-8 kg - (12-16 lb) line class choose the 8 series rods 8-12 kg - (16-24 lb) line class choose the 10 series rods 15 kg - (30 lb) line class choose the 15 series rods

  • Choose your reel style:
    Freespool - choice of Ultra Sport or High Roller Series rods.

  • Using a free spool? Choose your preferred guide type:
    • Ultra Sport Series - Hardchrome on stainless guides for economy and durability.
      Applications - General purpose, bottom, strayline and jig fishing.

    • High Roller Series - Aftco Light Weight roller guides. Pure Titanium rollers and carbon composite frames. Robust, zero corrosion, no maintenance, ultimate performance system for all purposes. Casts incredibly well, smooth at all line speeds, loads and line types including braids.
      Applications - All purpose, bottom, strayline, jig fishing, trolling and large fighting fish. Any braid lines.


    A Maverix Rod is probably the best investment you will ever make in your fishing pleasure

    Why Are Maverix Rods So Special

    Light weight: Each Maverix Rod is amongst the lightest in its class, without sacrificing strength or real power. You will fish for a great deal longer with much less effort. Experience all graphite construction at it's finest.
    Perfect balance: A rod that is even slightly unbalanced will become very uncomfortable to fish with. Each Maverix Rod is so perfectly balanced you will want to hold it all day - essential if you want to catch more and bigger fish.
    Grip Ergonomics: This is at the heart of the Maverix magic! Our patented Torque Groove Grip system radically reduces rod twist effort by at least 50%, You will notice an amazing reduction in fatigue in your hand, arms and upper body as well as wonderfully increased sensitivity and feel. Only the unique Maverix Torque Groove Grip system offers this radical advancement.
    Action: You want a rod that is sensitive, sets the hook, manages the fish and feels really good. Your Maverix Rod has a uniquely powerful yet relatively gentle action that works incredibly well.
    You get the best possible sensation whilst the fish is compelled to the boat.