Maverix 6KG 2007 International Tournament

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What a Tournament for 2007!

An unqualified success is the unanimous opinion of all who have taken part in the Maverix Rods 6 kg International Fishing Tournament. Held at Gulf Harbour Yacht Club annually. The tournament attracts NZ's top snapper and kingfish anglers as well as anglers from around the World.  Just how successful it is can be judged by the insistence of competitors that they receive preferential invites for next years event. With the express intention to challenge both snapper and kingfish world records on 6 kg (12lb) line, the Tournament is unique in that all anglers are supplied with Momoi Hi Catch 6 kg line at the beginning of the tournament and only fish that line. In fact having any other heavier line onboard is not allowed. It is fascinating to see up to  300 reels being re wound with line the evening before fishing.

As anglers make last minute preparations before heading out. Supplying one brand of line is a unique innovation as we are not aware of any other saltwater tournament being fished under this regime in NZ at least.Anglers are only allowed to weigh in one snapper and one kingfish each day and they must have caught their own fish. Absolute fairness and a pure angler to angler test of skill is the primary attraction of this tournament. Prizes are awarded for the best 5 fish weighed in each species on each of the 2 days with the grand winners going to the heaviest single fish in each species. Overall and species aggregate totals are also contested for.Compulsory registration on the eve of fishing includes a briefing and reinforcement of the strict rules under which the tournament is fished. On completion of reel spooling everyone collects their pre packed lunch and heads off to get some sleep. Fishing starts at 01.00hrs. No excuses though as fishing at change of light 70 km away requires an early start or miss the opportunity as this is serious business.

With a 10-15kn breeze and a 1m plus sea the trip out can be lumpy but that won't deter the anglers heading for the Mokohinuas and both Little and Great Barrier.
By 05.00hrs all teams are hard at it on secret locations scattered around the Hauraki gulf.

Everyone knows that the pressure is on to perform, yet the fellowship and commaraderie amongst competitors is outstanding everyone is made welcome as satisfaction comes from competing on a fair basis provides a satisfaction that can only be experienced.The 5:30 pm weigh-in is always exciting with over 20% of fish weighed being in excess of 7 kg. This is a phenomenal result when you consider that these are big fish

Kingfish always provide the greatest challenge as these are elusive and incredibly strong in many cases proving too much for the anglers. But as any angler knows you do not give up, to date the winning Kingfish of 23.00kg is held by Bill Bathurst (2000) 
After scrub up, a full sit down meal is provided at the Club house. A true indication of devoured by the anglers. The evenings are a light hearted affair with the anglers being invited to participate in all who take part. 
Knot and trace tying competitions have proven to be a winning concept.Just as the Tournament is opened, the New Zealand Athem is heralded as a symbol of our national pride.

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Maverix 2007 Tournament Winners
Sean Mahoney (Snapper) 11.693kg
Trevor Williams (Kingfish) 9.890kg

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