Maverix 6KG 2006 International Tournament

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What a Tournament for 2006!

If world famous Zane Grey were alive today he would be proud of the Anglers competing in this international sport fishing tournament with anglers from around the world arriving in little old New Zealand, or at least Whangaparaoa to fish in New Zealands world renowned fishing dorado. Kiwis are blessed to have such a resource at their finger tips. (Zane Grey was famous for establishing New Zealands international Game fishing reputation). The organizers of the Maverix 6kg Tournament, Rex & Lynette Smith are delighted with the turn out of the 7th annual tournament as April 21st saw the coming together of 142 of the most committed anglers in New Zealand, with anglers from Japan, USA , and Australia also competing for the title of World Champion 2006. 

Gulf Harbour Yacht Club and Marina was the venue for the 47 teams. This one base event has a number of unique features; it is a true test of skills with all anglers using the 6kg line (Mo moi Hi catch) to try and land Snapper and Kingfish. Boats and their crews fished all over the outer Hauraki Gulf with some great fish landed and lost, stories of fish being played for up to two hours before being lost was common as this is a sporting event, a challenge and a test of skills.

The weather was very kind on the first day with light northeasterly allowing fishing almost anywhere .Good results where recorded as they returned to the venue for weigh in and the evening fantastic meals provided and prize giving. Most crews departed immediately after prize giving, as the breeze was increasing from the north so getting back out early was critical if the outer regions were to be fished. By day break all crews were nestled in to there program, but the 2nd day was going to be tougher as the wind steadily increased from the north. At the weigh in it was apparent that the teams and individual placings were going to be closely contested as the fish weighed were bunching up the leaders with only grams separating the leading teams. This is an anxious time if your team is one of those in the lead, but it wasn't long before the results were known.

With a 10-15kn breeze and a 1m plus sea the trip out can be lumpy but that won't deter the anglers heading for the Mokohinuas and both Little and Great Barrier. 

With the top Snapper going to East Coast Bays resident John Van Houtte with 9.320kg fish. Top place Kingfish went to an Australian, Dave Morton with a 12.050kg fish. Larry Brockliss from Auckland won the prestigious trip for two to Fiji with 5 nights at Musket Cove, flying Air Pacific for the Overall Average Catch.

With Team Salty Sid Fletcher, Dave Jackson & Zac Smith from Whangaparaoa winning the Team and Cash Jackpot prize for Kingfish. Team NZ Fishing News Mark Kitteridge, Tim Ricketts & Konrad Attenberger winning the Team and Cash Jackpot for Snapper... With many other catogories awarded, the event was to be one the best on record a great sporting spirit at an excellent venue with great weather makes for an awesome event. The 2007 event will be even better as contestants plan to return for another attempt at the 6kg Maverix World Challenge.

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20/04/2006 -Peter Millar
Great couple of days

20/04/2006 - Dave Morton "Team Maverick"
Great fishing, great people, very pleased to be apart of the Maverix experience Dave QLD Australia.

20/04/2006 - Wayne Selfe
Excellent fishing & Company. Brisbane Australia

20/04/2006 - Allen
Great contest, well run, back next year

20/04/2006 - Jim Morton  "Team Maverick"
Well done.Great contest even the Australian's on board couldn't spoil it!

20/04/2006 - Des Barry
Lots of fun & firsts
First comp, first descent Snapper, first kingfish and first time with these great guys, cheer.

20/04/2006 - Mark Kitteridge "Team NZ Fishing News"
I caught lots of fish- What a great and excellent competitionwith a great spirit.

20/04/2006 - Tim Ricketts "Team NZ fishing News"
Very enjoyable, hard work & good fishing.

20/04/2006 - Craig Miller "Team Tzer"
First timehere, not much to speak of but had a great time. be back next yea.

20/04/2006 - Swampy "Team RnR"
Keep on keepin on!

Maverix 2006 Tournament Winners
John Van Houtte (Snapper) 9.320kg
Dave Morton (Kingfish) 12.050kg

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