Maverix 6KG 2001 International Tournament

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Another successfull Tournament for 2001!

Intense competition is not for the faint hearted at any time. Make it saltwater fishing, light line, small boats, top fishermen, late nights, incredibly early starts, lots of sea miles into north easterlies and even bigger fish and this becomes an awesomely serious and intense competition. Precisely the type of challenge highly skilled fisherman are love to rise to.

Pah Farm Fishing Lodge, Kawau, saw 80 of NZ€  ™  s best saltwater light tackle anglers compete for the Maverix Snapper & Kingfish Trophies,

Average prize winning snapper this year were approx. 20% heavier than last year! Whilst the Tournament winning snapper was caught by Darren Werner and weighed 11.590kg a 21.905kg Kingfish caught by Vincent Fong secured the Kingfish section. Remember that all fish landed in this Tournament are caught on 6kg line.

To ensure contestants can totally concentrate on their fishing everyday they are looked after as best possible all meals are provided. And to start with, the tournament bag includes a range of sponsor deals, tournament hats & shirt, 1000m of Momoi Hi-Catch 6kg line over and above the spool up, CRC, tournament camera and other goodies.

A 4am wake up call down on the marina courtesy of the organisors initiates fishing commencement. Whilst you can fish anywhere you want, but MUST be back at the weigh in no later than 5:30pm tournament time. Many boats and crews were traveling as far as the Mokohinau Islands, Little Barrier, Great Barrier, Cuvier, Channel Island & Hen and Chickens Islands whilst others preferred to stay closer to Kawau and get more fishing time.

Day One dawned with a 15-20 knot north easterly. An easterly exposed the Gulf making for challenging fishing conditions especially for those wishing to travel longer distances. Spending 4 hours in an 18footer traveling in the dark to Mokohinau islands is serious stuff but typical of the determination these guys apply to get on the spot for the bite.

As the day progressed, crews started returning for the weigh in the excitement built with stories of the big one that got away and fish that were spooling reels being shared. Since only one snapper and kingfish eligible per angler per day only the best fish were being presented.

Day 1 top 5 Placings snapper were Brett Rathe 8.665kg, Brent Edwards 8.215kg, Richard Bathurst 8.200kg, Wayne Radford 7.220kg, Shane O€  ™  Brien 7.170kg.

Kingfish are a huge challenge on 6kg, which is apparent with only 3 weighed this day. Vincent Fong 21.905kg, Richard Spencer 7.930, Dale Robson 4.285.

Day Two started at 4am again, and delivered many great tales of monster Kingfish hooked and lost, even bigger snapper that would have easily beaten the leader if only the hook had set, etc. It also proved that the north easterly was not going to go away either. With a little more puff and contrary tides a rough day was in store. But as they say €  ˜  When the going gets rough, the tough get going€  ™  .

Day 2 landings where; Top 5 snapper - Darren Werner 11.590kg, Brent O€  ™  Loughlin 9.595kg, Paul Dochar 8.575kg, Scott Mc Donald 7.645kg, Craig Moodie 6.660kg.  Kingfish - Rob Nightingale 6.135kg, Glen Kwok 3.300kg .

We€  ™  d like to congratulate all contestants for being such great sportsmen and bring home the fish that make a great contest.. Awesome. You can all be proud to know you are amongst the best in the world. If you think you are good enough, be there in 2002.

This Tournament could not have been such a success without the valued contribution of the sponsors.

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Tournament Feedback - 2001

02/05/2001 - Team Karian
As an entrant of the Maverix 6kg World Challenge, I have written this letter on behalf of our Team to thank you for a tournament that would not exist with out a Sponsor like yourself.
We have enjoyed this tournament so much we consider it to be one of the best in the country that we have attended.

Prizes, Products,Team gear, Promotional Packs that were provided were fabntastic. As a team we would take our hats off to all sponsors like your selves.
Many Thanks Vince Fong  Team Karian

07/01/2001 -NSK
I would like to take this opportunity to express my my thanks at being invited to fish this competition. I found the whole experience totally enjoyable.
The whole concept of a one base, 6kg line class Competition leads to a fair and sporting enviroment.
Well done Rex and also your team of helpers. I look forward to being invited back next and to again contibute as a sponsor.
Thanks Wayne Campbell  GM

28/04/2001 - Moi Fong
Great Lunches. Awesome comp for fish conservation. An elite Comp,keep it up.

28/04/2001 - Bone Boat
Firstly: Great organizing , excelent team spirit plus what more can you say about PAH farm. Special thanks, Jim, Pauline, Mal, Cam and all involved. Thanks

28/04/2001 - Haggis
Great Tournament, Thanks to All Sponsors& Organisers, great feeling to be on the boat that landed the winning fish, well done team maverix.

28/04/2001 - Axle
Great Tournament-not only because I caught the winning Snapper- not to mention me personal best to date. But the organisers and sponsors have done a great job.Great to have lunches and Dinners supplied, and good to be out with a good crew(skipper& deckie) Just joking! whow,I am now a believer in 6kg Momoi Line !!!

28/04/2001 - Paul Docchar
Great Comp.. But how can a gay guy catch fish like that.

28/04/2001 - Wayne Radford RnR
Awsome time will be back next year..

28/04/2001 - Richard Bathurst
Great contest apart from cutting traces..

28/04/2001 - Swampy
Loved the lady helping out.

28/04/2001 - Richard Bathurst
Great contest apart from cutting traces..

28/04/2001 -Glenn Kwok
Again a great Tournament, I am now using only Momoi 6kg on all my gear now.. Just need to know where the good spots are, Congratulations to all.

28/04/2001 - Nigel Clayton
Great comp, well organised, friendly atmosphere,good food..Thanks Guys.

28/04/2001 - Terry Buckley
Great tournament again, Thanks

28/04/2001 - Tony Baldwin
The Bush Rebels enjoyed it again we could do with more info re weather, tides,& fish location.. Cheers Guys.

28/04/2001 - Koanui 11
Rex, Geat competition well organised, and good food. We hope you guys enjoyed it as much as we have being apart of it.

28/04/2001 - Darren (Chopin)
Thanks Lynette & Rex, Terriffic competition!  Superb catering! Great Prizes!  looking forward to 2002.
Well done guys.

28/04/2001 - Darren Arnold
At last a real fishing competition, great organisation, limmited numbers is a bonus.

28/04/2001 - Scott H
Great comp will be back for 2002

28/04/2001 - Rob Arcus
Good prizes, good food, good company, Great Event!

28/04/2001 - Team Assasin
Fantastic competition, keep it up.

28/04/2001 -Team Purrla
Looked forward to 2001 and now look forward to 2002. Good comp, great food, fine company, s.... weather but great fishing!  Keep up the good work Team Maverix. Thanks to all Team Purrla.

28/04/2001 -Tony Stevenson
Well organised contest, nice to limited numbers ( currently just right) obliging and friendly organisers which makes the contest that much better (thanks)great starter kit and most got prizes. Good time of the year but May might be better as weather is more settled. looking forward to next year.

28/04/2001 -Wayne Campbell
Rex & Team, great concept for tournament, thoroughly enjoyed it. Will be back limited numbers is great.

28/04/2001 -Alan  & Allan  Team Sea Ox
Thank you for the opportunity. We really enjoyed ourselves cheers.

Maverix 2001 Tournament Winners
Vincent Fong (Kingfish) 21.905 kg
Darren Werner ( Snapper) 11.590 kg

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